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Month: September 2020

Khudabadi Script for Sindhi Language

Khudabadi Sonara Community invented Khudabadi Script for Sindhi Language. The Khudabadi Sonara community, while residing in Khudabad, around 1550 felt it necessary to invent a very simple script so that they can send written messages to their relations

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Panchayati Hall (Devoted to Temple of Goddess Durga & Lord Shiva)

In 1948, Shri Jhamandas Fatumal Purswani and Shri Tikamdas Bhojraj Purswani came to know that there was a Nawab Moassam Ali Khan’s stable for his horses, in Nawab Ki Haveli at Vidhyadhar ka Rasta (Jaipur) which was being used by a local person who had started operating a small flour mill there, when the Nawab fled to Pakistan, immediately after partition

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Gold and Goldsmith as Occupation

In India, gold is religion. India’s love affairs with gold are timeless, spanning centuries and millennia. In India, it always was and still is, much more than just a precious metal. It is part of the fabric of our culture and an inseparatable part of our belief system. It is the essence from which the universe was created.

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Gold Control Act, 1962

India was the world’s largest gold market prior to 1962 and Bombay was the main trading center. Khudabadi Sonara community whose traditional occupation (gold smith) was manufacturing Gold Ornaments, were very happy and doing very well in business,

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Recipe for Harmonious Home

Many Bahuranis now a days (please I am not saying for all) tend to behave like Ranis. It is the Saas that is the Rani and if a bahu just remembers that, she will be treated like a Royal Princess

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