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Month: August 2020

Historical Origin of Khudabadi Sonara Community

According to Puranic sources, theAryan civilization was established by King Ishaku (Ikshvaku) some five to six millennia before Christ (BC). His 22nd descendant was great King Raghu, a great conquerer, who established the Raghuvansh Dynasty. King Raghu’s 14th descendant was Lord Rama (incarnate of Lord Vishnu) in TretaYug (RamayanTime), was SuryaVanshi, whose kingdom extended from Ayodhiya to Punjab & Sindh on one side and to Bengal & Tamilnad on the other side

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Raja Dahir (Daharseen)

Taking advantages of political upheavals in Persia, the Sindh became independent under Rai Dynasty around 478 A.D. Rai Shasi II was over thrown by Chuch of Aror (Alor) around 632 A.D. A period of hostility between Arabs and Chuch began and this got worsened during the reign of Raja Dahir (Daharseen)

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Lord Jhulelal – Symbol of Secularism

India is a land of different religions. People of different religions worship God in different ways. We offer prayers to God to thank him for his blessings. Our glorious Hindu Pantheon is full of instances of “Avatars” (Incarnations) of Parmatma (God) that have place from age to age.

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Archive and Records

As Haridwar has traditionally been a site, for death rites and also Shraaddha, amongst Hindu families. since time immemorial, the families of Khudabadi Sonara community, when ever, visiting Haridwar during the course of their religious pilgrimage or for performing the religious rituals or for immersion of ashes and bones of their kin into the waters of holy River Ganga, as required by Hindu religious custom, they would always meet their family Pinda (Holy men of Haridwar), and register their purpose of visits, update the past & present events

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