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Compiled By: Rtn Gangaram Shamdas Purswani (P.H.F.)

Ranipur (Sindhi: راڻي پور‎, Urdu: رانی پور‎) is a town in northern Sindh province of Pakistan, located in approximately 50 kilometers from the city of Khairpur, and approximately 30 kilometers from the ancient Kot Diji fort. Ranipur is notable for being home of the famous Sachal Sarmast shrine, which displays fine examples of a traditional Sindhi tilework.


It was established before the Kalhora reign of Sindh (1701 to 1783 AD). A unique city between two canals Rohri canal on east and Abul canal on west.Rani means queen it is said that name of city is based on one of princess of Darya Khan who rules Thatta. It become famous first time in British occupation when an anti khilafat movement was operated from Ranipur city by the Pir’s of the city to protect the interest of British Raj occupation in Sindh . Ranipur is a main town and Union Council of the Khairpur District of Sindh province, Pakistan


Educational Institutes Government Primary Boys School Ranipur was established in 1892 AD. Government High School Ranipur was founded in 1939, . Government Girls Primary School, Sachal Sarmast Degree College and Government Girls Degree College Ranipur are prime institute of city. Private sector, Ever shine College, Mazhar Muslim Model School College, Bahria Foundation College.Some Ranipur’s famous peoples are Pir Syed Saleh Shah Jeelani , Pir Syed Mirah Shah Jeelani and his sons other pir’s , Ustad Muhammad Usman Soomro Ex. Head Master of Murad High School Gambat and Ex. Head Master of Naz High School Khairpur, his wife Ghulam Zainab famous known as Jeeji Aman first ever Lady teacher of Ranipur, Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Wassan working at Islamabd Pakistan,Currently associated with a social safety net programme SSN, Professor Abdul Sami Memon, Dr Shahnawaz shahani, his wife Dr Salma Shahnawaz Shahani, Town Chairman Rasool Bux Memon, Dr Qadir Bux Memon, Dr. Abdul Sattar Memon, Maj. Salim Soomro, Maj. Javaid Iqbal Sahito,Capt PN Amir Hussain Soomro, Prof Altaf Aseem, Ustad Jamal uddin Mallah, Ustad Abdul Haleem Soomro, Ustad Muhammad Chutal Mallah, Engineer Abdul Jabbar Memon, Engineer Muhammad Azam Soomro, Maj. Memon, Dr MA Jamro,Dr Qadam Ali Jamro member of world health organization Professor Deedar jamro(Physics) ,Professor Nisar Ahmed Jamro(Chemistry), Engineer Mohsin Ali Jamro , Engineer Muzafir Ali Jamro, Dr Riaz Ahmed jamro(Dubai) Dr Bahawal Din jamro(Child specialist)Engineer Abdul Qayoom Memon. Capt. Dr. Khuda Bux Bhellar, Dr Mumtaz solangi MS Govt. Hospital Ranipur, Engineer Asad Ali Bhellar, Director Survey of Pakistan Ministry Defence, Mr. Arbab Ali Bhellar, Additional Director (MIS), FBR, Islamabad, Engineer Shafquat Ali Bhellar SDO, WAPDA, Dr. Ghulam Hussain Bhellar, Ustad Gulshan Ali Bhellar the family of Late Muhammad Sharif Bhellar more participate in the development of Ranipur spacilly supply of pure food MILK to surrounding and also grow vitnary animals to develop the villagers economicy.


Shrines. 6 shrines make it popular in the country. These are shrine of Saleh Shah and Hajran shah famous as Bodelo Bahar. Nowadays this city is famous for the numerous Gates, 1. Babe Dastageer, 2. Babe Sachal Sarmast, 3. Babe Bodela, 4. Babe Saleh Sha, 5. Babe Abdul Jabbar Shah. 6. Shatan Shah Badshah


Ranipur is located at kilometre marker 413 on the main N-5 National Highway. 3 kilometer at daraza sharif where the tomb of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast is located a famous Sufi poet of Sindh. Ranipur is the heart of khairpur. The city has busy road Mitho muhammad Haroon road that leads to residential areas such as Memon mohalla, Ansari, Umrani Muhallah Station road, Shaikh muhalla farooq e azam chowk this road has the name of the very kind personality and social activist and philanthropist Mitho Muhammad Haroon he was such a kind man he fights for the rights of people it was his efforts to restore the railway station of ranipur’s train timings as they weren’t stopping there Ex Shah rukh na Alamdistrict and center of education of district. There are very famous institutes of sindh in ranipur like Ever Shine College Raipur( Founded By Sir Engineer Mr. Mumtaz Ali Channa)Mazahar Muslim Model Higher Secondary School Ranipur(was founded by Sir Qurban Ali Memon), Mehran Public School Ranipur, Quaid Care Public School and, Bahria college Ranipur,Sachal public school,Eman public school, where students come from every corner of Sindh