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Author: Rtn. Gangaram S. Purswani (P.H.F.)

After the partition of India, the majority of families of our Khudabadi Sonara Community settled down in Jaipur. Urban Improvement Trust (U. I. T.) of Govt. of Rajasthan was interested to develop outskirt of Jaipur city. Around 1952, Sindhi Co-operative Housing Society was formed by Late Shri Banaram who acquired from U. I. T. a large area of empty land free of cost in Bani Park near T. B. Sanatorium Hospital for Housing Development to built the residential houses within two/three years for Sindhis. Like many Sindhis living in Jaipur, about 150 families of Khudabadi Sonara Community became the Share Holders (Rs.100 per Share) of the Society. Each Share Holder was allotted one plot of land measuring about 500 square yards under the condition to develop their residential houses within two years. Each shareholder/plot allottee was promised with Rs. 3,400 (less Rs.600 for Development Charges) to be paid to them in stages of construction as a loan to be refunded in the installation of Rs.20/- per month for twenty years. Due to a lack of personal funds, only a few families of our community were able to construct their residential houses. The Society threatened to cancel the allotment of the plot due to failing in the construction of residential houses within two years.  The Khudabadi Sonara Association was founded on April 11, 1958, by a group of visionary Khudabadi Sonara Plot owners of Bani Park, Jaipur with the sole purpose of defending the rights and the interest of the members and solving their problems under the presidentship of Late Shri Tikamdas Bhojaj Purswani. Later, all the Khudabadi Sonaras who owned their plots or flats in Bani Park became its members.

          On September 27, 1959, a General Body meeting was held at Plot No. 72-73 where twenty-one (21) members were present and the meeting was presided by Late Shri Bhojraj Ratumal Sawlani, wherein, he announced that he was willingly donating his plot No. 39, which he had purchased long time ago, in the name of Shri Mangumal Kimatrai Ganvani, to the Association. Further, in the same meeting, the name of the Association as “Khudabadi Sonara Association” (name of the style similar to the one which existed in Hyderabad, Sindh) was reconfirmed, formally. The Association was formed keeping in view of following Aims & Objects:


  • To unite and represent the members to defend their rights and legitimate interests.
  • To take pro-active part in the activities of all the organizations of Khudabadi Sonara Community.
  • To keep close ties with the organization of non sonara community of Jaipur in general and those of Bani Park in particular.
  • To encourage the growth and the upliftment in Sindhi art, culture, literature, language and welfare activities.
  • To do all the things necessary to achieve the aforesaid objects in particular and other objects for the benefit of the members of the community as a whole.

          On October 21, 1960, after the “Bhumi Pujan” on plot No. 39, Late Shri Bhojraj Ratumal Sawlani announced that he had adjusted Rs. 3,400/- of the Society Loan and the cost of additional land of Plot No. 39, totaling Rs. 4,363/- with Government Bonds of his personal property claims and the amount should be considered and treated as my personal donation towards the construction of two rooms. With this function, the dream of our community to have our own place for a marriage hall, organized at Hyderabad, Sindh became reality. After the partition, a large number of our community members settled in Jaipur and it was a matter of joy and pride of our community, to own a building. Khudabadi Sonara Association, Jaipur resolved to establish a Trust in the name of “Khudabadi Sonara Association Trust” to take care of the property in all respect, in the General Body Meeting, under the presidentship of Late Shri Thakurdas Tirthdas Hingorani, held on October 21, 1960. Advocate Late Shri Sirumal Israni was consulted and Trust Deed was registered on November 18, 1965, under Section 51 of Indian Registration Act No. XVI of 1908 as adopted in the State of Rajasthan under Ordinance No. 4 dated January 24, 1950.

Following Trustees were elected to subscribe the Trust:

  1. Shri Thakurdas Tirthdas Hingorani                       Chairman
  2. Shri Vensimal Khubchand Sawlani                        Trustee
  3. Shri Pramanand Menghraj Vasnani                       Trustee
  4. Shri Chanchaldas Keshawdas Hingorani               Trustee
  5. Shri Gobindram Jhamandas Purswani                  Trustee

It was expressively cleared on the spot that the Trust will function independently as per the terms and conditions contained in the Trust Deed and the Association will not interfere in the affairs of the Trust.

The construction of a few rooms, including “Durga Mata Temple” was completed by the year ended 1966. Later, Smt. Savitri Devi Tarachand Sawlani contributed funds voluntary without any terms and conditions for the construction of a marriage hall in the memory of her husband  Late Shri Tarachand Shewaram Sawlani. A lot of our community members came forward and assisted it in many ways in the construction of the marriage hall and got it completed in the year 1969. At present, the hall is very well decorated and equipped with an air cooling system and famously known as “Shri Tarachand Shewaram Sawlani Marriage Hall”.

On April 27, 1969, the Managing Committee of the Association, in consultation with the Trust allotted one room to Khudabadi Sonara Sindhwork Society (Regd.), Jaipur, and one room to Khudabadi Sonara Navjawan Mandal for their activities, as per prescribed and agreed terms and conditions. Since then, with the co-operation of the Association, the Trust has developed the Plot No. 39, into a huge complex fondly known as “Khudabadi Sonara Community Centre”.

Following Personalities have presided over the General Body Meetings of the Association until formal election of the Office Holders was held:

Shri Tikamdas Bhojraj Purswani               From 08.04.1958 to 27.09.1959

Shri Bhohraj Ratumal Sawlani                   From 27.09.1959 to 14.02.1960

Hon’ble Justice I.S. Israni unveiled the Statue of Founding Chairman of the Trust and President of Khudabadi Sonara Association Late Shri Thakurdas Tirthdas Hingorani under the chairmanship of Shri Tarachand Jhamandas Tanvani, with a lot of fun are on December 18, 1993.

The Trust, for the first time organized a “Get-Together” on the occasion of Deepawali under the chairmanship of Shri Gangaram Shamdas Purswani wherein, the managing committees including sub-committees of all the organizations of Khudabadi Sonara Community along with financial contributors towards the infrastructure developments of the Trust were invited and honoured on Sunday, November 25, 2001.

The Trust celebrated its Golden Jubilee with colorful cultural dances under the chairmanship of Shri Gope Ramchandani wherein donors, heads of all organizations of the Khudabadi Sonara community, and financial contributors towards the infrastructure development of the Trust were invited and honoured on Friday, the September 25 & Saturday, the September 26, 2015 and a colourful souvenir was released.

The statue off Great Community Visionary Late Shri Bhojraj Ratumal Sawlani was unveiled during A Grand Celebration of Festival of Festivals to accord Honour and Tribute to our Community Legends at Trust Premises by Chief Guest Shri Mohan Kundandas Soni, Innovative Entrepreneur, under the chairmanship of Shri Nandlal Seoomal Pahilwani. An exotic & colourful souvenir “Community Legend Excellence Fest 2016” was also released to commemorate the auspicious, memorable and historical event.

“The Commendation Ceremoney – Anandotsav 2020” was celebrated in honor of Donors who have voluntarily contributed towards the renovation of “Khudabadi Sonara Community Centre” which also includes the “Shri Tarachand Sawlani Marriage Hall” under the Chairmanship of Shri Gangaram Shamdas Purswani, with cultural performances and Sangeet-e-Behar on the evening of January 11, 2020. The Chief Guest Shri Topandas H. Jhamnani released an exotic & colorful souvenir to commemorate the auspicious, memorable and historical event.

Incidentally, the “Shri Tarachand Shewaram Marriage Hall” has also completed its Golden Jubilee of construction (Its construction was completed during 1969 and we have just completed year 2019). We are thankful to Late Smt. Savitri Devi Tarachand Sawlani for her contribution towards the construction of Marriage Hall.