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Author: Kishinchand T. Vasnani

Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat existed in Baroda from the year 1968 to 1994 but due to some reasons it discontinued.

All the members of our community felt the need of one association which could keep the members united and bonded with each other in both happy and adverse times.

Hence in 2018, some members thought of forming Puj Panchayat in Vadodara and thus Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat was formed in Vadodara on July 2, 2018.

Constitution was drafted depicting the aims and objectives of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat. Members of Khudabadi Sonara Community living in Vadodara were invited to pass the constitution.

General Body meeting was called for two times and some important decisions regarding welfare of our community and was also to bring the members together by organizing social and cultural activities. 

Sonara families living in Vadodara were invited for MATA KI CHOWKI in July, 2018.

Diwali Ball was organized in November, 2018 and all members rejoiced the event.

This year (2020) we have planned to facilitate the bright students of our community and also to give honour to some members for their notable work towards our community and to release souvenir and directory.

Mata Rani gives us strength to keep ahead our glorious tradition of community service and fulfill all our aims in future also.