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Gangaram Shamdas Purswani – Life Journey so far

A boy of 8 years old met his relation of almost same age who had come from Hong Kong to Jaipur. The boy saw his relation having a golden watch, handsome goggles, and a beautiful set of fountain pen in his waist belt. He liked those items, mapped those images in his mind, and determined to have them with his earned money. When he started earning, he purchased those goggles (Ray-ban) when he was 25 years old, that set of pen (Parker) when he was 28 years old and that watch (Gold Rolex) when was 48 years old. The same boy, at the age of 16, when started going to Maharaja College, Jaipur, on a bicycle, he used to pass by Maharani Gayatri Devi School (MGD) where Princesses of Royal families and Girls of Elite Families were studying. He determined that his daughters would study there and his sons would study in Mayo College, Ajmer (An Eton of India), where Princes of Royal Families and Sons of Elite Families were studying.  He made it sure that his children got admissions in those prestigious institutions.

The boy was not other than Gangaram Shamdas Purswani, born in a middle class family on December 4, 1940, in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakistan). After the partition, he spent his childhood and studied in Jaipur (India). Throughout life, he had fought his way out. He always was the monitor of his class, Captain of teams of Volleyball, Football, and Cricket, topper in Debates and at the same time, he always ranked in Class Examinations between 1st and 5th  in his class,  at different stages of his school and college life.  At the age of 16 years, he established and run successfully, in his residential area  (Sindhi Colony, Bani Park, Jaipur) “Boys Club” which was having Volley Ball Team (took part in provincial tournaments) and a library of about one thousand books on various topics (social, thriller and comics).

He passed Master of Science in 1962 and went abroad (Nigeria) for service (Trading Business of Textile and Garments) where he surpassed his seniors and acquired the second position in the company. In a very short time, he was given independent charge of sister concern of the company in a different country (Ghana), which was running in loss for many years. He took up the challenge, researched the market, and imported new items and the company started making a profit in two years’ time.  From starting, he always saved some part of his salary for his future.  In the year 1974, he started his business of Import & Distribution of Trading Goods and Manufacturing Textiles, in Nigeria, in partnership with his four friends, without taking any financial assistance from his blood relations. He invested his savings and resources and worked very hard. He and one the of partner friends were in charge of manufacturing and the other two partner friends were in charge of import & distribution. Unfortunately, Import & Distribution business went into very heavy losses and they have to sell off the company and paid off the liabilities. The partnership was dissolved, in 1983 and all the partners started their separate businesses freshly. He was having responsibility of his full family of four children and he has to start a new business from stretch (no funds). There was a lot of competition in his line of business. He studied and researched the market and ventured into the importation of chemicals, an entirely new line.  By the grace of Almighty God and his hard work gave very good results. 

After studies, when he went abroad for service, he did not forget his parents and his younger brothers. He arranged a job for his younger brother (Khushi)  in Ghana and arranged travelling expenses of his youngest brother (Narain) to go Manila (Philippines) to learn and assist his father in business so that his father can retire in time and his youngest brother can continue to run parental business in Manila.   

While very busy in his Business Affairs, he did not forget his duties towards humanity and “Service above Self”. He kept himself engaged in philanthropic work. He brought his two Nigerian colleagues to Jaipur for medical treatment and spent several days with them in the hospital.  He was fondly known as Chief of Ipara due to his charitable work in Ipara town in the Ogun State of Nigeria, where he had his Factory. He is the Chartered Member of his Rotary Club Jaipur Mansarovar (District 3053). Due to his unshakeable belief “Mankind is our Business”, he organised many Medical and Eye camps to help handicapped and poor people of the society. He used to go out in high institutions of education and motivate their students who come in large numbers to donate blood in Blood Donation camps (Once there was a collection of 117 units of blood). Due to his valuable contribution to International Rotary Club, he is awarded with titles of “Paul Haris Fellow (PHF)” and “Arch Klumb Fellow (AKF)” and has been honoured and decorated with “TRF Diamond Pin”.

He served the community by occupying following club positions:

  • President: Rotary Club Jaipur Mansarovar for 2004-2005.
  • Chairman: Rotary Club Jaipur Mansarovar Trust for 2005-2006.
  • V. Charman: Int. Rotary Youth Leadership Award Committee, RID 3050 for 2003-04.

 Even living in Panama, he always attended the Club Rotario Cristobal-Colon. The club awarded and decorated him with its Pin for his contribution towards Haiti Earth Quake.

He also served the community of Jaipur (India) as under:

  • Chairman: Khudabadi  Sonara Association Trust, Jaipur for 2001- 04, 2019 onward  and Hon’ry Trustee for Life.
  • President: Khudabadi Sonara Sindhwork Society (R), Jaipur  for 2001-07.
  • President: Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat (R), Jaipur for 2003-07.
  • Patron: Cheti Chand Sindhi Mela Samiti Maha Nagar Jaipur for 2003-05.
  • V. President: Cheti Chand Sindhi Mela Samiti Maha Nagar Jaipur for 2005-07.
  • V. President: Puj Sindhi Panchayat, Sindhi Colony, Bani Park, Jaipur for 2003-05.
  • V. President: Puj Panchayat Sindhi Colony,  Bani Park, Jaipur for 2004-10.
  •  V. President: Puj Sindhi Central Panchayat Jaipur Maha Nagar for 2004.

He was honoured and decorated with awards on many social occasions and seminars.

Litrary Contribution:

Research Papers Presentation:

  1. He presented his research papers on “Sindhis, Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow” at Int. Seminar organised by All India Sindhu Cultural Society in 1998 and was honoured.
  2. He presented his research papers on “Effect on Identity of Sindhi Community after Partition” at National Seminar organised by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language, Dept. Of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India on 11/09/2010.
  3. After research of nearly ten years, he had written and published two historical books titled “Incredible Origin and History of Khudabadi Sindhi Swarankar Community” in 2009 and “Amazing Purswani Family Tree” in 2012.


 Jaipur Nagar Nigam approved to name a very popularly used street in  Bani park area of Jaipur as “Khudabadi Sonara Marg” in recognition of his noble works.

He is fountain head of knowledge and exceptionally bright personality, loved by all for his amiable nature and composure. His scholaristic acumen is complemented by his skill in motivating the masses. He is extremely articulate and has penchant for Selfless Social Services. He is impartial and possesses leadership qualities and can organise various activities in the community with a cool mind even in the times of crises. His colleagues feel that he is someone they can turn to for guidance and support. He is gifted individual, extremely likable for his inmate warmth and stands tall amongst his peers. His interaction with everybody is ideal and is always source of brilliant inspiration. Despite all these qualities, he is an embodiment of humility & humanity, who is most likely to downplay his achievements.

To achieve all this is not an easy job. He has to sacrifice his Personal Desires. He has to keep Patience and Self Control on his Temperaments & Frustrations. He has to be Disciplined and Punctual. He has to conserve his energy and time for application to correct place and correct occasion.  He has to be strategic. He has to be visionary for future planning and projections. He does not have to blame someone for his failures. He does not have to demand showing self pity.  He has to win over his Self Ego.