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Author: Mr. G D Lakhaney

In the early 1960’s the seeds of the Panchayat were sown in the minds of five elders namely Dr. Gopaldas Narumal  Purswani, Mr. Tirth Kapoor, Mr. Mulchand Vasnani, Mr. Bhavandas Relwani and Mr. Fatumal Topandas. They realized the need to increase communications within the members of the Community settled in Mumbai. As the numbers increased, our Panchayat bloomed from the seeds sown in the minds of these elders who rightly deserve to be called the Founder Members of our Panchayat. The impromptu meetings held at the residence of Dr. Gopaldas Narumal Purswani were later formalized into regular Panchayat meetings. Dr. Gopaldas Narumal Purswani passed away on June 24, 1962. In this connection, it is worthy to be noted that his heavenly body was followed by Famous and Specialized Doctors, Lawyers, Municipal Corporators, Dignified Citizens, Nearby Residential House Owners and our Community Members up to cremation ground to offer Heartfelt Tribute and Condolences.       

Later, Dr. Gangaram Gopaldas Purswani was nominated the President of the Puj Panchayat. In 1978 Dr. Gangaram G. Purswani held General Body meeting at his residence wherein the first committee consisting of the following members were elected:-

President – Dr Gangaram Gopaldas Purswani

Vice-President – Mr. Parsram Pahilajrai Hingorani

Secretary – Mr. Duhilanomal Lakhaney

Treasurer – Mr. Tirth Kapoor

Auditor – Mr. Ram Relwani

The next General Body meeting was held at Mr. Lakhaney’s residence the same year, the annual subscription of Rs. 3/- was prescribed. At the same meeting a name plate of the Panchayat was installed at the front door of his residence with due offerings of flowers & sweets and a Saving Bank account was also opened in the Panchayat’s Name. In 1980 an effort was made to raise donations in order to purchase a flat, where our community brothers coming from out of Mumbai could stay, however this had no takers and the project was shelved. A community newspaper named MATA DURGA edited by Mr. D V Lakhaney on monthly basis on behalf of the Puj Panchayat was published for free circulation throughout India and Overseas. Later, Dr. Ashok Gangaram Purswani became the editor of news paper.  The Circulation of the News Paper was carried on for a long period of 15 years.

The Annual Subscription was increased to Rs. 2,500, during late eighties. Since 1994, Annual Cultural functions are held around Diwali where the families of members get together enjoy and celebrate the occasion. At the Diwal Function held in 2002, the Mumbai Panchayat celebrated the Silver Jubilee, wherein a memento was presented to Mr. Duhilanomal Lakhaney in appreciation of the 25 years of services he has rendered to the Panchayat in the capacity as secretary & treasurer of the Panchayat. He rendered his services to the Panchayat till his demise in 2006. The vacancy so arose was filled by Mr. Mohan T Soni as secretary under the leadership of Dr Kanayo A. Purswani S/o Dr. Aildas Gopaldas Purswani. After the demise of Dr Kanayo A. Purswani , Mr. Mohan T Soni was elected as President  along with Mr. G D Lakhaney as Secretary in 2016 and the Puj Khudabadi Panchayat Mumbai  was also registered (Regd. No. F-19128).  

Recently, Annual get-together was held on November 17, 2019 at Hotel Global Fusion and Mr. Gangaram Shamdas Purswani graced the occasion as the Special Invitee. The Panchayat showed gratitude, and honoured him with presentation of a shawl. An updated Directory of the Members’ addresses and phone numbers, sponsored by Mr. Nanak Relwani was also released by Shri Gangaram S. Purswani during the occasion.

In keeping with the times, our Panchayat has always endeavoured to reach new heights and serve all our community members, and by the grace of the Almighty we will continue to do so under the leadership of our President Mr Mohan T Soni.