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Rich Memories of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Author : Rtn. Gangaram Shamdas Purswani(P.H.F)

In the year 2005, KhudabadiSonaras witnessed one of the most lavishly organized celebrations since time immemorial. The celebrations were given a traditional touch with reciting of the Aarti of Goddess Durga, our Kul Devi, by the ladies and teenage girls of our community and lighting of lamps by VIPs on the dais at the start of each day’s programme. Flowers were the part of our celebrations daily as the VIPs were given a floral welcome and were also used extensively to beautify the venue (Khudabadi Sionara Community Centre, 39m sindhi Colony, Bani Park, Jaipur).

Shri Gangaram Shamdas Purswani, the president of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat, Jaipur cordially welcomed all the guests with an enlightening speech with a different touch everyday. The community was indeed blessed and honoured with a special address by each and every Chief Guest with praiseworthy things that they had to say about the history of Khudabdy Sonara Community and their achievements. They also encouraged the community to come forward and continue to increasingly perform other social activities beyond their community and set up future charitable institutions. The community members, in turn, thanked them for sparing their precious time and honoured them, by presenting them with memonts.

The high light of the daily agenda was the special Recognition Awards and Gold Medals bestowed to honour members of the community and distinguished personalities from other walks of life. The awards were kindly sponsored by courtesy of Smt. Sheela Vassanani, Bangalore in the memory of her husband, Late Shri Tulsidas Vassanani,. The posthumous aweards were given to the late elders for their community services, to the freedom fighters, who took part in independence movements & Azad Hind Fouj, to the editors in the news & media field and to the past presidents of the Puj Panchayat and these, were collected  by the representatives of their families. Awards were also given to Elders of the community Braderies, Literary Laureates, Kul Brahmans, Social Workers, Managing Committee members of Puj Panchayat & other organizations of Khudabadi Sonara community, Journalists, Presidents & Secretaries of organizations of other sindhi communities of Jaipur and last but not the least to all the members of the various communities of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, who have devoted all their valuable time in making this function successful. The Pride Certificates of Appreciation were given to people who contributed photographs for the exhibition and who displayed their trophies, special awards, certificates & handicrafts and also to the participants of cultural programs and volunteers. The children of the community worked very hard to present before the audience for their entertainment, a vary of programmes each day. The cultural programmes included numerous solo and group dances, a colorful gara, a comedy play in sindhi, a ramp show which depicted the style of dressing of years gone by, not to forget the ever famous “Nath” and “Patloons”, a mock child marriage followed by “Chhej” with recitation of some traditional verses & music.

The Inaugural Day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat, Jaipur on November 04 ’ 05 commenced with a Havan performed by Pandit Chandersen Sharma. This function “Aashirvad” was sponsored by Khudhabadi Sonara Navjawan Mandal Samiti, Jaipur. The Chief Guest of the day was Shri Chandiram Raghani, President, Puj Sindhi Central Panchayat, Jaipur and the Presiding Guest was Shri Gordhandas Asnani, President, Cheti Chand Sindhi Mela Samiti, Jaipur. One of the Guests of Honour was Dr. Gordhandas Thakur. This auspicious day was also the birth anniversary of Late Shri Bhojraj Ratoomal Sawlani & Late Shri Thakurdas Tirthdas Hingorani and was marked by cutting of cakes by their respective families.

The vote of thanks was given by Shri Pitamberdas P. Khanchandani, President, Khudabadi Sonara Navjawan Mandal Samiti, Jaipur and this was followed by lunch.

The Second Day of the celebrations, 5 November, 2005 was a day of extreme pride for he Khudabadi Sonara Community. With vigorous Personal efforts of Shri Gangaram Shamdas Purswani, Jaipur Nagar Nigam had very kindly agreed to name a very popularly used street in Sindhi Colony, Bani Park, in recognition of services of the community as “Khudabadi Sonara Marg”. This naming ceremony was done with much fanfare & the joyful procession was lead by the Presiding Guest, Shri Mohan Lal Gupta, Hon’ble MLA, Rajasthan and the community President Shri Gangaram Shamdas Purswani. Mr. Kishan Lal Thadani of Jea Band was kind enough to provide the music to match our heartbeats. The inauguration of the exhibition “Virasat Utsav” was done by the Chief Guest for the day, Ashok Parnami, Hon’ble Mayor, Jaipur Nagar Nigam and Guest of Honour, Shri Girdhari Lal Bhargava, Hon’ble M.P. of India. The Inaugurating Chief Guest was Prof. Vasudev Devnani, Hon’ble State Minister of Education, Rajasthan. This programme was organized through the kind courtesy of Mr. Udharam G. Ramnani, Uaipur and the vote of thanks was given by Shri Mangaram K. Vasnani, the Immediate Past President of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat (Reg.) Jaipur.

The Third Day of the celebrations, November 06, ’05 was a continuation of the exhibition, to facilitate all the members of the community to view the exhibition as only one day was not enough for the invaluable  ancient exhibits to seep in. The exhibition displayed old letters written by the community elders which were censored by the British Empire during freedom struggle. Also on display were photographs of Khudabadi Sonara Youngsters Amar Shaheed Shri Jhamatmal Sukhramdas Hasrajani and Shri Vasumal Pohumal Hasrajani who were in foreign lands and joined Azad Hind Fouj and sacrified their lives for our country. The original first written Minutes Book dated November 04, 1930 of the Puj Panchayat was also on display. Last but not the least, was the display of trophies, awards & immensely beautiful handicrafts by members of the community which brought to the knowledge of all, that it possesses so many innumerable talented gems. It is to be recorded here that over 3000 people from every sphere of Jaipur city and visitors from other parts of India and abroad viewed and appreciated with great enthusiasm this rare exhibition. The tireless efforts over a period of more than one year to gather and list the old photographs for the exhibition with priceless information & literature are to be commended with big thanks from all of the visitors. This was an eye opener for all the generations and a precious glimpse into the rich history of Khudabadi Sonara Community. To add a sparkle to the event, Khudabadi Sonara Sindhwork Society, Jaipur organized a “Diwali Ball” to entertain the guests and the community members and to celebrate the auspicious festival of lights, in the evening. Mr. Bhagwandas Mirchandanui, Chairman, Coronation Group of Companies, London was the Special Chief Guest of Honour.

The Fourth Day of the celebrations, November 07, ’05 was organized through the kind courtesy of Khudabadi Sonara Association Trust, Jaipur. The Chief Guest for the day was Shri Rajendra Singh Rathore, Hon’ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs & PWD, Rajasthan. The Presiding Guest was Hon’ble Justice I.S. Israni, Retired Justice of High Court, Rajasthan and one of the Guest of Honour was Shri Brij Kishore Sharma, MLA, Rajasthan. Shri Hiranand T. Lalwani who came from London to attend the celebrations was the Special Guest of Honour for the evening. It was with great joy and pride that the Chief Guest was requested to release a Souvenir to mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Shri Gangaram S. Purswani, the President of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat was honoured for his versatile, proactive & dynamic leadership with “Maan Patra” Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat , Khudabadi Sonara Ass. Trust and Ladies Social Group. The Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha, Jaipur also bestowed the title of “Sindhu Gaurav” to Shri Gangaram S. Purswani, the president of Puj Khudabadi Sonara Panchayat. The vote of thanks was given by Shri Jamno P. Vasnani, Chairman, Khudabadi Sonara Ass. Trust and this was followed by dinner.

The Fifth Day of the celebrations, November 08, ’05, “Aabhar & Melapi Mer” was organized through the kind courtesy of Nihalsons Jewellers, New Delhi and Mr. Kamlesh R. Vasnani, Jaipur. The Chief Guest for the day was Hon’ble Justice I.S. Israni, Retd. Judge, Raj. High Court. The Presiding Guest was Shri Naresh Kumar Chandnani, Advocate & President, Puj Sindhi Panchayat, Sindhi Colony,Bani Park and one of the Guest of Honour was Shri Chander Bhan Khanchandani, President, Puj Panchayat, Sindhi Colony, Bani Park. The event outlined varieties of colourful cultural programmes to mark the splendid get-together and Grand Finale of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. The vote of thanks was given by Shri Murlidhar Khanchandani of Nihalsons Jewellers and this was followed by a lavish banquet.

All India Radio graciously presented a informative report on the programme and took live interviews from a number of guests regarding their response and the message what they felt, was conveyed by displaying such an exhibition. The excellent coverage from the print & electronic media was given. Bhaskar TV very co-operatively relayed news regarding the entire programme, especially of the exhibition, repeatedly over a period of few days. All the popular newspapers of Rajasthan published information regarding all the events, with photographs, starting from the press conference held on October 27 , 2005 till Novmber 10, 2005., Hindu news paper (Sindhi) of Mumbai and Ajmer carried a very detailed report of our celebrations. Rajasthan Patrika published at Bangalore and circulated throughout south India, covered the major event of the naming ceremony of “Khudabadi Sonara Marg” with photographs.

Beautiful china plates with monogram of Goddess Durga engraved on it, sponsored by Shri Hiranand T. Lalwani, as a gift, was distributed along with the Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations among Khudabadi Sonara Community, throughout India and among the Sindhi dignitaries in Jaipur.

Mr. Gangaram S. Purswani was the guiding force behind this successful celebration and was able to make a vision into reality. He very efficiently mobilized the community men and women power to achieve the desired results. These precious moments have been framed in to the memories of the coming together and celebrating jointly an occasion of the community on such a large grand scale, in the hope, to experience many more similar celebrations in the times to come.