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MIRACLE OF GODDESS DURGA(Between 1008 A.D. & 1027 A.D.)

Author : Rtn. Gangaram Shamdas Purswani(P.H.F)

Mohamed Ghaznvi attached Sindh about 17 times, almost every year from 1008 to 1027. Mohmud’s campaigns were motivated by both the religious zeal against Buddhists, Jains & Hindus to convert them to Islamic religion and the temples which were the depositories of great wealth in cash, diamonds, jewelry and golden idols. Mohamed’s army stripped the temples of their wealth and destroyed them. In the year 1024 A.D. he attacked Somnath Temple and it is said that he personally hammered the temple’s gilded Lingam in to pieces and carted away the stone fragments to Ghaznvi, where these were incorporated into steps of the city’s new Jamiah Masjid, in 1026 A.D. He was a barbarian. He and his army were ruthless and bloody murderer. They did everything possible to terrorize, harass and humiliated the Hindus and take their relations (Ladies) and dependants as slaves, who were, later, raped, maltreated and sold as merchandise in Persian markets.

 Khudabadi Sonara Community was also harassed and terrorized but they refused to be converted into Islam. Khudabadi Sonara Community in their Home Towns assembled and prayed Goddess Durga (in form of Shakti) in her Temple observing reverence for three days & nights continuously without eating food and drinking water, anxiously soliciting divine help in their hour of trial. The Supreme Goddess, as is well known, is ever compassionate to her aspirants, responded to their solemn appeal. On fourth day, a miracle happened. All the persons (male) present felt “Janeu” (Sacred Thread) on their bodies and they realized the blessings of Goddess Durga and lived thereafter, unhurt in Sindh. Therefore, the Khudabadi Sonara Community originally known as “Janjogal” Khudabadi Sonara i.e. those who wear “Janeu” (Scared Thread). Even now, the children of Khudabadi Sonara Community are ritually initiated and given “Janeu” to wear for life time. The “Janeu” has to be worn compulsory by them before performing any religious Puja, Havan or any other Rituals.