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Gold and Goldsmith as Occupation

In India, gold is religion. India’s love affairs with gold are timeless, spanning centuries and millennia. In India, it always was and still is, much more than just a precious metal. It is part of the fabric of our culture and an inseparatable part of our belief system. It is the essence from which the universe was created.

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Genius of Surnames -“Ani”

It is widely believed and accepted in general and within the community in particular, that the land of Sindh and its name, undoubtedly has a huge bearing on the name of our country.

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Momal Rano

Momal Rano or Mumal Rano (Sindhi: مومل راڻو‎) is a romantic tale of Momal and Rano from the Sindhi Folklore and Rajasthani folklore. It is a multifaceted story that entails adventure, magic, schemes, beauty, love, ordeals of separation and above all romantic tragedy.

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