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Gold Control Act, 1962

India was the world’s largest gold market prior to 1962 and Bombay was the main trading center. Khudabadi Sonara community whose traditional occupation (gold smith) was manufacturing Gold Ornaments, were very happy and doing very well in business,

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Purswani Family

The Purswani family is a branch of the Bhambrai Bradri grouping of families, which is the largest grouping among the Khudabadi Sonara community. In the present day, the majority of them live in Jaipur, India.

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Sindhis don’t follow any caste system, but there are certain loosely defined ‘castes’ or ‘zaats’ that are distinct from each other as they have come to be associated with distinct cultural and behavioural characteristics.

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Lilan Chanesar

Lilan Chanesar (Sindhi: ليلا چنيسر‎) is traditional story which dates back to the time of Jam Chanesar, one of the Soomra rulers in the 14th century Thatta, Sindh. It has often been retold in Sindhi and Persian.

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