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Traditional Sindhi Names

Author : Rtn. Gangaram Shamdas Purswani(P.H.F)

Traditional Sindhi Hindu names are originally related to Sanskrit words and these names were kept on various factors, civilization and culture.

 1. Some names were kept on Nakhstras or Astrology:

Hassi or Hassomal for Asulesha Nakhstre ,

 Menghi or Menghomal for Magha Nakhstre

Jethi or Jethomal or Jethanand for Jyestha Nakhstre                                                   

Muli or Mulchand for Mool Nakhstre

Sugni or Sugnomal for Sugna Nakhstre.

 2. Sindhi names were also kept on days of week:

Sunil, Aditya or Adumal (Ancestor of Advanis) born on Sundays (Artwar),

Somomal or Som born on Monday (Soomar),                                                          Mangaldas (Manglani) born on Tuesday (Mangal),

Budharmal (Budhrani) born on Wednesday (Budhar),                                                   Jumro, Jumo (Jumani) born on Friday (Jumo),

Sindhis do not keep names after Thursday (Vispat) or Saturday (Chanchar).

 3. Sindhi names are kept on months:

Chetan, Chetumal or Chetie born in Chaitra month,        

 Asoomal (Aswani) born in Asoo month,

Pahumal born in Poh month,      Fagunmal born in Phagun month,                   Sanwaldas in Savan month.

 4. Sindhis were very fond of God and Godess and kept names after them:

Ambaram for Ambemaa,              Bhagu or Bhag for Bhagwan or Bhagwati,

Bherumal for Bhairav,   Chandumal for Chandi Devi,        Chatru for Chaturbhuj,

Dhamu for Damodhar,   Ghansho for Ghanshyam or Ganesh,                            Gobindram for Govind, Ishwardas for Ishwar,                                                                  Jairam or Jaikishin for Jai Krishna      Lachmi, Laxmi or lakhi for Laxmi Mata,

Kishinchand for Lord Krishina,    Nanik or Naniki for Guru Nanik,                       Naraindas for Lord Narayan, Padu for Padmawati,                                                   Parpati for Parvati Maa,                Ramchand for Lord Rama,  Radhi for Radha,

Shivaldas for Lord Shiva,               Tikamdas for Tri Vikram Vaman Bhagwan,    Trilok for Triloknath, Vishno, Vishnu or Vishini for Lord Vishnu, Prabhu for God.

5. Sindhis keep several names after historical persons:

Arjundas after Arjuna,   Bheemandas after Bheema,                                                  Bhojraj or Bhojumal after Raja Bhoj, Duru after Durupati,    Jasoti after Yashoda,

 Kundandas after Kunti, Pahilaj after Prahlad, Parso or Pursu after Parshuram.

6. Sindhis remember religious places and rivers by keeping names after them:

Gangaram or Ganga after River Ganges, Jamnadas or Jamuni after River Jamuna,

 Sarsati after River Saraswati, Tirathdas after Tirath (religious place),              Viboo after Narabada.                                                                                                               In the olden days, Sindhis had a suffix to their names such as Ram, Mal, Das, Lal, Chand, Anand, Sahai, Rai, Raj and Singh.