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Tando Muhammad Khan

Compiled By: Rtn. Gangaram Shamdas Purswani (P.H.F.)

Tando Muhammad Khan (Sindhi: ٽنڊو محمد خان, ) is a city and headquarter of the Tando Muhammad Khan District  located in Sindh, Pakistan. It is the 95th largest city of Pakistan. It has a railway station on the Badin-Hyderabd line.


Tando Muhammad Khan was founded by Mir Muhammad Khan Talpur Shahwani, who died in 1813. During the British period  it was seat of Assistant Collector. Its status was changed to Municipality in 1856.

Tando Muhammad Khan was carved out of Hyderbad District in April 2005 by then adviser chief minister of Sindh, Mir Ali Nawaz Khan Talpur.

There are four big sugar mills of the country located in Tando Muhammad Khan.

Traditional clothing called “Ajrak” is among the most famous Sindhi culture wearing, designed and prepared in Tando Muhammad Khan.

“Members of Khudabadi Sonara Community living there belong to Tandai Bradri”


The town is located at 25°8′N and 68°32′E at an elevation of 11 metres on the right of Fuleli canal (old name of Fuleli was Gooni) at distance of 21 miles from Hyderabad. There are 8 police stations in District T.M. Khan which are PS Tando Muhammad Khan, PS Bulri Shah Karim, PS Abadgar, PS Taluka, PS Sheikh Burkio, PS Moya, PS Tando Ghulam Haider and PS Mullakatiar. Taluka Tando Ghulam Hyder consists of Four Union Council:

  • Tando Ghulam Hyder (main)
  • Nazarpur
  • Ghulam Shah Bagrani
  • Dandies

Union Council Nazarpur consists of Markaz which are given below.

  • Jagsyani. jagsi Muslim Community political background and this Community belongs to agriculture as (Landlord) the jagsi Community consists on village
  • Wahid Dino Jagsi
  • Haji Karmillah Jagsi
  • Abdul Rehman Jagsi
  • Ghulam Mustafa Jagsi
  • Mohammad Haroon Jagsi

All villages are surrounding in the area of Tando Ghulam Hyder union council Nazarpur markaz Jagsyani whole Jagsi Muslim Sunni Community are well-educated communities that are 500 years older living at District Tando Muhammad Khan Taluka Tando Ghulam Hyder.

1. Tando Ghulam Hyder (Taluka Headquarters): Taluka Tando Ghulam Hyder was created in 2005 by Arbab Ghulam Rahim Chief Minister Sind. It is being systematized slowly gradually since that. However the town itself is neat and clean where all communities live with peace and brotherhood. As far as the development is concerned then whole this is happening because of efforts of Abdullah Khan Bhatti a well known Social Reformer; under the platform of his own NGO named Social Welfare Association Tando Ghulam Hyder. It is an unregistered NGO but literally he is struggling too much for the welfare of this area particularly. Abdullah Khan Bhatti is a well-educated and known as a social person, that’s why he leads to all issues of this area indiscriminately.

2. There are different communities are living in taluka H/Q Tando Ghulam Hyder for instance: Bhatti Community, Waryah Community, Peer, Sheedi, Khaskheli, Kunbhar and Kathbabhan. Whereas Bhatti community is a well-educated family in Tando Ghulam Hyder and Waryah community is related with agriculture and trade.